AutoMapper by: Jimmy Bogard
  • 5 total downloads
  • Latest version: 6.2.1
A convention-based object-object mapper. AutoMapper uses a fluent configuration API to define an object-object mapping strategy. AutoMapper uses a convention-based matching algorithm to match up source to destination values. Currently, AutoMapper is designed for model projection scenarios to flatten complex object models to DTOs and other simple objects, whose design is better suited for serialization, communication, messaging, or simply an anti-corruption layer between the domain and application layer.
Autofac.Extensions.DependencyInjection by: Autofac Contributors
  • 3 total downloads
  • Latest version: 4.3.1
  • autofac di ioc dependencyinjection aspnet aspnetcore
Autofac implementation of the interfaces in Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection.Abstractions, the .NET Framework dependency injection abstraction.
Castle.Core by: Castle Project Contributors
  • 11 total downloads
  • Latest version: 4.4.0
  • castle dynamicproxy dynamic proxy dynamicproxy2 dictionaryadapter emailsender
Castle Core, including DynamicProxy, Logging Abstractions and DictionaryAdapter
log4net by: The Apache Software Foundation
  • 1 total downloads
  • Latest version: 2.0.14
  • logging log tracing logfiles
log4net is a tool to help the programmer output log statements to a variety of output targets. In case of problems with an application, it is helpful to enable logging so that the problem can be located. With log4net it is possible to enable logging at runtime without modifying the application binary. The log4net package is designed so that log statements can remain in shipped code without incurring a high performance cost. It follows that the speed of logging (or rather not logging) is crucial. At the same time, log output can be so voluminous that it quickly becomes overwhelming. One of the distinctive features of log4net is the notion of hierarchical loggers. Using these loggers it is possible to selectively control which log statements are output at arbitrary granularity. log4net is designed with two distinct goals in mind: speed and flexibility
MediatR by: Jimmy Bogard
  • 1 total downloads
  • Latest version: 4.0.1
  • mediator request response queries commands notifications
Simple, unambitious mediator implementation in .NET
DiffPlex by: Matthew Manela
  • 0 total downloads
  • Latest version: 1.5.0
  • diff
DiffPlex is a diffing library that allows you to programatically create text diffs. DiffPlex is a fast and tested library.
Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authentication by: Microsoft
  • 1 total downloads
  • Latest version: 2.0.0
  • aspnetcore authentication security
ASP.NET Core common types used by the various authentication middleware components.
CommonServiceLocator by: Microsoft.Practices.ServiceLocation
  • 1 total downloads
  • Latest version: 2.0.4
  • Unity Container unitycontainer Microsoft.Practices.Unity IoC Microsoft.Practices.ServiceLocation Service Location
The library provides an abstraction over IoC containers and service locators. Using the library allows an application to indirectly access the capabilities without relying on hard references.
Humanizer.Core by: Mehdi Khalili Claire Novotny
  • 65 total downloads
  • Latest version: 2.14.1
Humanizer core package that contains the library and the neutral language (English) resources
MessagePackAnalyzer by: neuecc aarnott
  • 0 total downloads
  • Latest version: 2.3.85
  • MsgPack MessagePack Serialization Formatter Analyzer
Analyzer of MessagePack for C#, verify rule for [MessagePackObject] and code fix for [Key].
Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.DependencyCollector by: Microsoft
  • 0 total downloads
  • Latest version: 2.15.0
  • Azure Monitoring Analytics ApplicationInsights Telemetry AppInsights
Application Insights Dependency Collector for .NET applications. This is a dependent package for Application Insights platform specific packages and provides automatic collection of dependency telemetry. Please install the platform specific packages directly for the best experience. Privacy statement:
Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.PerfCounterCollector by: Microsoft
  • 0 total downloads
  • Latest version: 2.15.0
  • Azure Monitoring Analytics ApplicationInsights Telemetry ASP.NET ASMX Web Azure Server Services ASPX Websites Performance Counters Performance Collection
Application Insights Performance Counters Collector allows you to send data collected by Performance Counters to Application Insights. Privacy statement:
Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.WindowsServer by: Microsoft
  • 0 total downloads
  • Latest version: 2.15.0
  • Azure Monitoring Analytics ApplicationInsights Telemetry AppInsights
Application Insights Windows Server nuget package provides automatic collection of application insights telemetry for .NET applications. This package can be used as a dependent package for Application Insights platform specific packages or as a standalone package for .NET applications that are not covered by platform specific packages (like for .NET worker roles). Privacy statement:
Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.WindowsServer.TelemetryChannel by: Microsoft
  • 0 total downloads
  • Latest version: 2.15.0
  • Analytics Azure ApplicationInsights Telemetry Monitoring SDK
This nuget provides a telemetry channel to Application Insights Windows Server SDK that will preserve telemetry in offline scenarios. This is a dependent package, for the best experience please install the platform specific package. Privacy statement:
AutoMapper.Extensions.Microsoft.DependencyInjection by: Jimmy Bogard
  • 3 total downloads
  • Latest version: 1.2.0
AutoMapper extensions for ASP.NET Core
FluentValidation by: Jeremy Skinner
  • 1 total downloads
  • Latest version: 7.3.0-beta2
A validation library for .NET that uses a fluent interface to construct strongly-typed validation rules.
Google.Apis.Auth by: Google Inc.
  • 1 total downloads
  • Latest version: 1.26.2
  • Google
The Google APIs Client Library is a runtime client for working with Google services. This package includes auth components like user-credential, authorization code flow, etc. for making authenticated calls using the OAuth2 spec. Supported Platforms: - .NET Framework 4.5+ - NetStandard1.3
Consul by: Consul
  • 67 total downloads
  • Latest version:
  • Consul service discovery distributed locking health checking
Package Description
Bogus by: Brian Chavez
  • 16 total downloads
  • Latest version: 33.1.1
  • faker fake bogus poco data generator database seed values test-data test tdd testing .net EF
A simple and sane data generator for populating objects that supports different locales. A delightful port of the famed faker.js and inspired by FluentValidation. Use Bogus to create UIs with fake data or seed databases. Get started by using Faker class or a DataSet directly.
coverlet.collector by: tonerdo
  • 12 total downloads
  • Latest version: 3.0.2
  • coverage testing unit-test lcov opencover quality
Coverlet is a cross platform code coverage library for .NET, with support for line, branch and method coverage.